Video Marketing Demonstrates Your Services

Allows your customers to "SEE" what you offer!

Video Marketing Demonstrates Your Services

Video Marketing

75% of Marketing on Internet is Video!

A 30-second video can say a lot more about your business than other types of content.  Everything from your actors' facial expressions to lighting choices make an impression on your audience. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, just imagine how much is packed into a video. They give businesses the ability to say the most about their brand in an optimal amount of time for today's internet user. Your business can say much more about your brand with a video, making it worth the investment.

Increase the understanding of your product

Sometimes products can be complex, especially when you try and describe what your product or service does in only a few sentences on your home page. Lucky for you, viewers’ understanding of a company’s product tends to increase by 74% when they watch video instead of read text.


If you don’t have one yet, a demonstration of your services or product overview video of what your offering is and the problem it solves is near the top of our list for recommended videos to start with!


Show Up More in Social Feeds

Social feeds (Facebook and Instagram, specifically) do a great job of showing only content that people want to see. And it’s getting harder and harder to show up there as a business. But that’s also why more and more video posts are showing up in people’s news feeds and why, if you create video for social, you’ll be more likely to end up there, too.

If you didn’t know, YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world.

So you better be there when your potential buyers are searching. The greatest opportunity here is educational-style videos, especially since “how-to” searches are up 70% year after year.


Our Video package includes all you need to get started using it immediately on all your social media accounts and website!


  • 4 Specific video tailored to your business

At Physician's Success RX we understand the hard work and expense it take to gain a patient. Our processes work toward building patient loyalty and introducing them to your new services by staying in touch and email campaigns do just that. You need the right team to do this with a proven process to communicate a clear message to your patients.



$1000-$1400 FOR 4 VIDEOS



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